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Balarama Lauder


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Hello my Name is Balarama Lauder, I   live in Auckland New Zealand, where I am Co owner of Emet Business Consulting and New Zealand Country Manager of Emerging Markets Business Center (EMBC) a European in international trade company working in  Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan Angola and other emerging markets.

 You only really need to know one thing about me ” I am most definitely a crazy man with a blue box ” -Doctor Who- and  if you have that audited and remember the 10th man rule of Mossad you and the people you work with will do great things.


I have studied business development and economics for eight years at College and University, at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Unitec Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge.


Socially-Left Fiscally-Conservative

I first got involved In politics at a young age where over the years I have worked on four election in New Zealand and in the United States. I have worked with the Green Party, Labour Party and the Republican Party . I have work on issues as Anti Assist Sales, Student Loans, Marriage Equality, Environmental Issues and Pro TPPA Free-Trade and business.

It’s time to think outside the box. Our world is facing days like it has never seen before.

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