Bright new future post Brexit


Just like the discovery of The New World in 1492 by the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and started a new age of discovery It’s time Britain looks past the EU controlled Europe and the future.

I personally think the first steps we should be taking is to set up Free Trade Agreement and
immigration deals between  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom even the United States if they wanted to,  I think the    New Zealand – Australia Closer Economic Relations (CER) is a good foundation where Kiwi’s and Aussies have a Free Trade Agreement and the ability to live and work in each other nation, in generally speaking Schooling some medical cost and university fees (but no student loans) are set the same price as their own citizens but things like benefits housing and other Government payments can only be accessed after living, working and paying tax for five years and it’s something you have to apply for you don’t automatically get.

I don’t want to see a British Empire or European Union 2.0 each nation needs  to have the right to govern themselves, seek new Free Trade Agreement, control their own laws and land, we work together yes, we help each other yes but for example if the  if the UK wants to set up a new Free trade agreement with France or any type of Agreement the UK should have the freedom to as the some for the rest of us.

Unfortunately the European Union and some media outlets out to make some quick money want to brand us with the same stick, saying we are all Right-Wing Crazies, uneducated, post-imperialist and racist. But we are most certainly not we are a broad church of people, coming from all sorts of  economic, education, ethnicity political  and religious backgrounds.

We need to make it clear that we as a movement will  fight racism wherever it not matter if it comes from our ranks or others, we need to make it clear that our immigrants and their communities are always welcome not matter if you come from China, Poland the EU or Middle East that we will always respect you and fight racism and sexism, and we expect all our communities know matter their background or believes to live by these standards.

What’s our Battle Plan 

So what’s our Game Plan and how can us little people make a difference for a change and the good of our people’s

  • First of all The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organisation have an online petition that have already received over, 150,000 signatures. Join them Click here to add your voice

  • Post to your Facebook and other Social media Positively about the British Exit from the EU there is a lot of negative media and misinformation out there, let’s post about our unity, our diversity, our values and our love and respect for Freedom.

  • Let’s let the Remain campaign know we hold no bad feelings they were only doing what the thought was best for all of us, let’s extend a friendly hand and get down to work making this a better place for all of us.

  • Let’s flood our all our MP’s and media not matter what side of the house they are on with the messages we want unity, peace, freedom,  free trade and freedom of movement between our four-nation. Not a British Empire or European Union 2.0

  • I know politics is not everyone’s cup of tea (personally I would much rather spend time with friends and family) but get involved with parties on all side if they House are on Labour or conservatives  or other and work within them to make spread our message and make them accountable to the people again.

I strongly believe this dream is in our reach we only need to take action but there are people who gain a lot of money and power from stopping us, we won’t attack them we will be better then them.


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