The World is watching


The world is watching and hoping we can solve our housing crisis, it’s time for action we need to stop debating laws that have little effect like a land tax  or income ratio leading restriction, all we will be doing is passing the cost on to people that can least afford it and as you can see from the story below by Eleanor Ainge Roy from The Guardian kiwi working families are not coping hundreds of full time working people are living in there car or substandard  housing.

New Zealand housing crisis forces hundreds to live in tents and garages

Full Credit to The Guardian & Eleanor Ainge Roy

Property prices in Auckland have increased by nearly 80% in five years, leaving some families unable to buy or rent.


Garage accommodation in Otara, south Auckland, New Zealand. Photograph: Michael Clatworthy

Hundreds of families in Auckland are living in cars, garages and even a shipping container as a housing crisis fulled by rising property prices forces low-income workers out of private rental accommodation.

Charity groups have warned that, as the southern hemisphere winter approaches, most of the premises have no electricity, sewage or cooking facilities.

“This is not people who haven’t been trying. They have been trying very hard and still they’re failing,” said Campbell Roberts of The Salvation Army, who has worked in South Auckland for 25 years.

“A few years ago people in this situation were largely unemployed or on very low-incomes. But consistently now we are finding people coming to us who are in work, and have their life together in other ways, but housing is alluding them.”

Auckland’s housing market is one of the most expensive in the world, with property prices increasing 77.5% over the last five years (this growth has now slowed), and the average house price fetching over NZ$940,000 (£440,000), according to CoreLogic, New Zealand.

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