Open Letter Unity Not Sanctions


In this changeling world we need unity not sanctions in this world  we are now facing a world with increased threats of Globe Warming, Global Poverty, Fighting Hate and the Refugee Crisis.

This of walling up Russia and this Trade War the US thinks it in with China is not working and only harming but slowing the march of our people’s living in prosperity and peace, we have a to choose to go forward in to a world where we deal with or problems and help each other or we go backwards to blaming our unemployment on China, blame the scary Russians for terrorists and all go and buy guns.russia-usa

This is the type of thinking that will lead to a world were our children will be worse off then we are. But it dose not have to be this way “look I am not saying the US and NATO is perfect or Russia and China dose not have their own problems because let’s face things can really suck” and I know that is a understatement. But let’s stop blaming each other and get down to making this world we live in a better place because we only have one.

So what needs to be done

First let’s take a look at fighting hate or some like to call the War on Terror now I don’t like that name because we have come use to hearing this name only related with Muslim terrorist in the Middle East well yes in my opinion there is a big problem and we need to declare war and need boots on the ground to fight groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, but there are some miss understandings about fighting hate first of all someone like Donald Trump is more dangerous, Trump seem to take is election campaign right out of the Fascist handbook.


This type of hate is more dangerous and is in our homes but it dose not need to be that way we don’t need to let the fascist win we can chose unity it’s obvious the US and Russia want’s almost the something in the fight against ISIS and we need to work together not just in this war but most importantly the re-build to truly stop hate we need to be a real friend and learn to forgive, we need to be their to re-build their home, town lives and schools but not just in Iraq, Syria and North Africa but at home as well we need to stop the blame game tackle the real issues like Affordable Healthcare and Homes, Unemployment and Education and  Globe Warming if we put half the attention we put in the cold war I know we can make our world a better place. Let’s end this age of war and start a new age of trade and peaceful prosperity.




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