We need Tax Reform


By Balarama Lauder

Right now there are many low-income kiwis that working on 100% commission jobs, these are often  low paid commission jobs like selling Power, Sky TV door to door or those people you see collecting for charities and these hard working kiwis need a brake, right now these kiwis are being over taxed in some cases upwards of 35% often meaning they are earning less then minimum wage week after week.

meany of us will be saying this is just part of the game of sales and welcome to life and no one said it is supposed to be easy, yes that is right some weeks you could be earning $700 and some weeks only $200 and sometimes much less. Now this is not a attack on companies use 100% commission workers it is a good way company can start up and slowing take on waged workers. This is just a look a reality and a recommendation that the government can do to help thousands that work as commissions agents and businesses so let’s look at the facts.

Meany workers (IC) will work and do work for well below minimum wage the reality is if the Government lowers withholding tax this will help thousands of kiwi workers (IC) and businesses. Theses workers (IC) often have no safety net, no unions  or help for the government.

This is a step the Government can take to help thousands of kiwis at little cost to the IRD. Let’s stop putting the ambulance at the bottom cliff and start helping people before they are forced in the the working poor.


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