Post privacy age


By Balarama Lauder

I think today everyone will agree that we live in a post privacy age in this age billions use sites like Facebook, Twitter and freely giving information to these companies so they can make a profit and most of these post made on these social networking sites are open to the public. Just try randomly typing in your  name in to Google and see what pop’s up, you will most likely see a history of your Facebook post YouTube likes and much more.

Just yesterday I typed my name in the Google “Balarama Lauder” I saw over ten pages about me Google even hinted the rest of my name I was not logged in to Google at this time and I was using a fresh web browser to get a fair result. I saw links to all my social networking sites comments I have made in the news awards I have received were I have lived even the darken photos from my college days it was scary.

Most of the information about me was post by me. This is information I willing give to the world but ever day billions of people give up the same information making this available to anyone, anywhere to do absolutely anything with.

At the same time we post billions of updates a day we see the government collect this information on mass to use in the fight against terror, as we are told but this information in the most cases  are collected un-lawfully and without our knowledge. You hear our politicians say things like the law’s need to be updated to reflect the real saturation, we need to give up a little freedom for security this is the price we pay to live in the free world. But when the price we have to give up to protect freedom is our freedom what type of world do we live in, is one freedom grater then the other dose anybody even think the right to privacy is worth protecting anymore.

I don’t know about you but this makes me think, I don’t know what to think anymore. On one hand we ask our government for protection and freedom at the same time. I think it’s about time everyone of us that can ask this question needs too for the ones that cannot for those that do not have the freedom. because we all know this question is not about  privacy its really about the type of world we want to live in, do we choose freedom or security because what we choose will be the example for the whole world.


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