My Open Letter To New Zealand The Labour Party October 5, 2014


By Balarama Lauder

I know like me most of us are within the party talking about the recent election and the leadership, let’s be honest it’s not the result we wanted and kiwis needed we all know the facts about child poverty the gap that bigger every year between the haves and have not’s and how our economy is going in the wrong direction leaving us wide open to a new GFC that’s just around the corner. have a read of a story form Forbes “12 Reasons Why New Zealand’s Economic Bubble Will End In Disaster” and there are many more out the saying the same thing.

So what does this mean simply put the National Party’s economic plan is going to fail big time the warning signs are ultra-low interest rate that property prices have doubled since 2004, we need to diversify our economy away from overinvestment in property and away from derry sectors. A one track economy will not help kiwis a will not not paint a nice picture and unless we see a change in direction in the next three years there will be nothing we can do to avoid a second GFC it’s simple boom and bust all over again.

We as kiwis have lot’s going for us in our beautiful country, full of good people and we have some of the brightest minds and businesses in the world and the ability to achieve anything we put our hearts too. We have a great future but we need to all work for it, as members of the Labour Party it’s our duty we must be to keep these facts in mind when working together and remember why we joined the Labour Party We all want to make a difference for the good of all people in New Zealand I don’t know about you but I joined the Labour party because at our heart we are democrat and we believe in unique type of kiwi socialism.

Where everyone no matter who they are will get a fair go, where people in business are are given the support to grow, everyone get’s  opportunity and support to become the best the can be, we are a caring society and look after the and support downtrodden and support businesses and people to succeed. We need to become that example to the world again.

In this time I think we need to remember unity and remember no matter what side of the fence on the leadership or any other issue. So let’s make this processes a good thing let’s debate let’s reform and then let’s be an example of democracy and show all kiwis and the world how our New Zealand Labour can talk openly and make these decisions and still be united in our belief in a better New Zealand for all.


2017 the race is on…


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